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Tuan Chau International Entertainment Center

Tuan Chau Island with International Entertainment Center

Tuan Chau Island owns the captivating natural scenery and exciting activities in the entertainment center that attract tourists on an annual basis. Any travel to Halong City gets recommendations to have fun and relax at Tuan Chau in which the tourism-and-recreation complex has been built amid the spectacular seascape.

About Tuan Chau Island

The island has an area of 400 hectares, around 2km from the center of Halong City. The access to Tuan Chau Island is convenient, either by land or by boat. It is established by the low hills and the 2km-long path connecting the island and the mainland. Getting to this destination, tourists will be first impressed by the tall buildings and luxurious villas. Also, its highlights include the restaurants that appear in imperial architecture. In particular, the entertainment park offers boundless fun and joy via a variety of attractive games. You’ll be interested in the Games World, Crocodile Club and Circus, Sea Disco, and Amphitheater for Water Music Show.

Tuan Chau International Entertainment Center

Tuan Chau International Entertainment Center

What to Play in Tuan Chau Island

First of all, you will be benefit from the exciting outdoor playground filled with miniature Wonders of the World and Walt Disney cartoon figures. It offers bright and colorful backgrounds for photography. If interested, try diving to explore the beautiful underwater world. Next, move to the Crocodile Club and Circus zone to enjoy the performances of the professional trainers who can play with the dangerous animals like kissing the crocodiles, taking things out of their mouths, etc. Besides, the monkey performances in the Circus are amusing.
The Games World is perfect for kids who can enjoy some games like gun shooting, horse riding, and car racing. This entertaining world offers large coin-ops screens, the dynamic animation effects, and high-quality sound system. Entertainment in this gaming world is just amazing. If you love music combined with water, fire, and laser light, just head to the oyster-shaped Amphitheater that can accommodate up to 12.000 audiences. The wonderful settings and colorful performances are like you’re in the Colosseum of the old Roman Empire.

And if you insist more, celebrate the night at the Disco Party or Beach Party is one of the best things to do in Tuan Chau Island. The exhilarating atmosphere in the middle of the scenic beach will entertain you to join the music show, hip-hop, and even bikini show. Other things like BBQ parties, games, laser effects, etc., boost nightlife. Modernly invested, Tuan Chau Island is a recreational land in which you find games and other entertainment to excite and even forget any work pressures or life troubles. There, it’s fantastic to fulfill yourself with excitement and “Vitamin Sea” on the beach, the thrilling crocodile club and circus, the games world, Amphitheater, and the overnight disco party. Each of these highlights offers amusing zones to unwind to the fullest.

Moreover, Tuan Chau Marina is the departure point of Luxury Halong Bay Yacht Day Tours and Overnight Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay Cruises. Luxurious cruises in Tuan Chau, namely Bhaya Halong, Paradise Luxury Cruise, and Halong Lavender Cruises, are the wonderful means of transport for sailing around and along, from Tuan Chau to Halong Bay, which you should always experience at least once. And if you need accommodation on this island, get to know the 5-star Lapaz Resort Halong. Along with that, you can select to lay the head in other hotels and guesthouses scattered around the corners. For dining time on the island, a restaurant is a single option and the prices are quite expensive. The recommended sites include 1958 Restaurant, Sandy Bay Beach Bar & Restaurant, May Corner, Avocado Restaurant, Yolo Beer Club – Tuan Chau Island Restaurant, Queen Restaurant.

Visiting Tuan Chau Island Vietnam, make sure you will swim, play at the entertainment park, and cheer up at night with the water music show, monkey circus, crocodile club, and more.

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