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Top Reasons to Visit Ba Na Hills Da Nang with Golden Bridge Vietnam

From the first looks at the image of Golden Bridge Vietnam held by the giant stone “Hands of the God,” netizens have been sharing the big interest in Ba Na Hills Da Nang. Though the destination has long been well-known among the domestic and foreign tourists, the recent hot trend to check in the Golden Bridge has made the visit to this paradisiac spot more exciting than ever. Together with the hot “Cau Vang,” there are some top reasons to visit Sun World Ba Na Hills right now.

The “Hollywood-like” Scenes in Each Unit of Ba Na Hills

Fans who have watched any videos about Ba Na Hills might agree that the scenes are somehow Hollywood-like. From the ancient French-style villas to the flowery gardens, Beer Square, colorful Carnivals, and now the Golden Bridge lifted up by the giant stone hands, this tourist spot can completely convince the “audiences” of the fantastic blend between heavenly Nature and human-made masterpieces. The new operation of the “Cau Vang” (Golden Bridge) even make those who have come to Ba Na want to visit it again, and especially those who haven’t, now want to visit it in person for the first and second-to-none journey.

Take the cable car to get to ba na hills Da Nang

Take the cable car to get to ba na hills Da Nang

The Boundless Fun that Makes Visitors Hard to Leave Ba Na Hills

Getting to Sun World Ba Na Hills, people enjoy the boundless fun and joy so much that they don’t even want to back home. The top things to do should be some of the following:

  • Discover the world’s most striking pedestrian bridge “Cau Vang” (Golden Bridge). At the height of 1.400m, the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills is 150m long of 8 spans and is held by the giant stone hands. People can imagine it as “the hands of a beautiful fairy holding the silk string over the mountains and forests.” It is now a hot trend to check in this iconic construction which has been posted in the international magazines such as The Guardian, Somewhere Magazine, Art Fido, HypeBeast, Design Boom, Highsnobeity, etc. Walking on the Bridge leaves you with dozens of the beautiful photographs and fantastic experiences.
  • Have fun in Dragon Park with the roller coaster and various world-class games, Typhoon Park, Sun World Fansipan Legend, Sun World Danang Wonders, and Sun World Halong Complex with the bright red “Koi” bridge. Not only sightseeing but also playing and having fun, it’s hard to find other places that combine the magnificent constructions in one place like Sun World Ba Na Hills.
  • Explore the French Villages. If you have ever wished to set foot on the old French villages with the French villas, European restaurants, Catholic Church, French Square, etc., then it is a must to play at the French Villages on Ba Na Hills. The villages cover various stylish and genuine constructions in the old French style that marvels you at first sight. Sometimes, visitors might feel like getting lost in France, but actually, it is in Da Nang Vietnam at the elevation of 1.487 meters. Together with the cool climate, the sceneries are romantic and antique.
  • Attend the colorful festivals and carnivals. The joyful music, skillful dancing, great beer, colorful costumes, happy faces, etc., of all performers in the Du Dome Square or Le Jardin D A’mour Flower Garden hosting various carnivals, can exhilarate all guests. While joining the events, all to do is to enjoy the exhilarating moments, let souls be free, and have fun.

Get to Ba Na Hills Da Nang and you will be happy that you actually did it. Numerous travelers alike have been gathering there, and most of them promise to come again and feel quite reluctant to say goodbye to this paradisiac world.

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