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Exciting Halong Yacht Tours with Jeanneau Leader 36

Exciting Halong Yacht Tours with Jeanneau Leader 36 for Preeminent Voyage

Relaxing amid the sea is more than a passion that all sea lovers cherish, and Halong Yacht Tours with Jeanneau Leader 36 suit their demands on the preeminent sailing trips. With this package, you are the wealthy yacht owners who decide the itinerary and take full advantages of the facilities on board like saloon, kitchenette, cabin, bar, etc. With Jeanneau Leader 36, all your wishes for the once-in-a-lifetime voyage can come true.

Jeanneau Leader 36 Yacht

This yacht is born to be a leader of the trend to sail in Halong Bay. In fact, Jeanneau Leader 36 won the Motor Boats 2016 and International Yacht BOB 2015 prizes, which guarantee the power and quality of this boat dedicated to the pleasure trips. It appears in a nice-looking V and sporty form that ignites and keeps the adventurous fires burning. It is for the sea lovers who want the privately splendid means of transport to sail in the UNESCO Bay.

Yacht Jeanneau Leader 36 (Interior)

Yacht Jeanneau Leader 36 (Interior)

Highlights of Leader 36 lie in the fashionable facilities. The spacious saloon is functional and flexible, which can turn out to be the living space with the stunning view in the daytime. Then, this saloon can be converted to be the luxurious VIP room, plus sofa, bar, bathing room, and cabin in the evening. Meanwhile, the big sundeck for sunbathing is very appealing and perfect for relaxation. The preeminent operating performance and fuel consumption are suitable for both personal and business-related uses.

Leader 36 is proud of the incomparable style designed by M. PETERS who made it V-formed. Plus the sporty characteristics created by the talented designer Garroni, this yacht offers the safe, comfortable, and fascinating voyages for couples, families, groups of friends, etc. The additional scores of the sofa, double sundeck, saloon, etc., are well-arranged on the yacht which conveys the elegance and smartness. Aiming to bring ultimate comfort on board, Jeanneau offers a private bathing room and three beds in the cabin. These smart arrangements make Leader 36 a smart choice for family sailing travel. Luxury, sports, and comfort, this yacht moves beyond guests’ expectation for a standard yacht to sail in Halong Bay.

Halong Yacht Tours with Jeanneau Leader 36

Halong Yacht Tours with Jeanneau Leader 36

Exciting Yacht Tours in Halong with Jeanneau Leader 36

The Hanoi – Halong Expressway facilitates the travel transfer between the two destinations so that the drive is cut to 2 hours only. Thanks to this convenience, travelers now can enjoy the one-day Ha Long Bay Yacht Tour Vietnam for the awesome escape. In the light of Jeanneau Leader 36, the sailing trip becomes stylish and cozy enough to please even the fastidious beachgoers who place the high expectation on this sailing experience. Also, if you further want to save the travel time and enhance the luxury of the trip, just take a helicopter or seaplane flight to Halong with the scenic 45-minute transfer. Then, Leader 36 yacht awaits you in the majestic Bay.

Enjoy Day Tour in Halong with Yacht Jeanneau Leader 36

Enjoy Day Tour in Halong with Yacht Jeanneau Leader 36

As booked beforehand, Jeanneau Leader 36 takes you to any places per your flexible and hassle-free itinerary. The sailing time is dedicated to your comfort, luxury, flexibility, and happiness. It’s your absolute freedom to play, laugh, relax, party, feast, etc., on your splendid yacht. None comes to interrupt your vacation and you do not need to share the space with any stranger. Onboard is all your loved ones who will together establish the eternally happy experiences. Whenever you’re ready for activities, enjoy water skiing, fishing, scuba diving, and swimming. You create the joyful sailing episodes and elated gallery of photos and stories.

The fashionable Jeanneau Leader 36 in Halong Yacht Tours is the fantastic option to start a sailing journey of distinction and joy that you’ve ever wished. So if the budget can pay, it’s time to reward yourself with the luxury travel to Halong Bay on a yacht and consider this Jeanneau prizewinner.

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