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About Halong Bay Yacht Tours Vietnam

About Halong Bay Yacht Tours Vietnam

Halong Yacht Tours is managed by Indochina Charm Travel, one of leading Tour Operators in Vietnam since 2008. Being Viet Yacht Ltd partner, Halong Yacht Tours is the first local travel agency who operates Luxury Yacht Tour Packages to Halong Bay Vietnam.

Quick highlights of a Luxury Yacht Tour in Halong Bay

  • Relaxing, private, hassle-free, and luxury sailing holiday
  • Flexible itineraries which can be easily tailored to suit your needs
  • Skipper is available to support if requested
  • State-of-the-art yachts that sea lovers wish to dwell on
  • No hidden fee
  • No previous sailing experience is necessary

For the easiest, most cost-effective, and relaxing way to discover Halong Bay, sail on any of the following yachts:

1Cap Camarat 6.5 WA conveys the beautiful combination of simplicity and elegance. Its design is wonderful with the vigorous look, advanced control panel, entirely-reinforced style produced by the well-known Cap Camarat. The yacht offers spacious sunbathing deck, attractive cabin for two passengers, and one safety gate to the cockpit. Fascinating comfort onboard is the first impression that this yacht delivers. Luxurious, cozy, and flexible, this option is perfect for weekend sailing trips filled with the extras of fishing, scuba diving, or water-skiing.

2Cap Camarat 7.5 DC is the powerful luxury choice featured with multi-purpose functions, practical windscreen, and stable design. It suits various aquatic activities while the look is contemporary and exactly balances between the safety and comfort. On the sundeck are big sofas and on the cockpit is the stunning outdoor “salon.” And, the kitchenette is well-equipped that enhances the sense of extreme comfort onboard. There are the private cabin, personal WC, and even third bed at your disposal.

3Jeanneau Leader 36 is the leader of the trend to explore Halong Bay by a yacht. It won the prizes for Motor Boats 2016, and International Yacht BOB 2015. In a gorgeous V shape and sporty design, this yacht ignites the sense of adventure and keep the sailing fires burning throughout a day. Also, the facilities are made convenient and easy. In the daytime, the salon is an open living space with panoramic sea view. And in the evening, it turns out to be the ritzy VIP room, with bar, sofa, cabin, and bathing room. It’s awesome to sunbathe on the large sundeck.

4Jeanneau NC 14 is a floating villa masterpiece on the sea. In fact, it won the title of the Yacht of the Year in Europe for many years. Most of the excellent comments are about the shipshape, modern, complete, and delicate look with the vertical stemson and the smart arrangement of glass windows across the body of the yacht. What’s more, NC14 is quite lightweight in compared with other yachts of the same dimensions, which results in the effective speed and fuel-saving engine. It works at all speeds and responses to the instant sailing order in a quick and exact way. The structure is just flexible, like a floating villa with living room, kitchenette, and 2 bedrooms, private WC, picturesque balcony to view the sea panorama or celebrate parties or play water sports.

Contact us at halongyachttours@gmail.com to book the private Luxury Yacht Tours in Halong Bay . The thrill of luxury sailing on a yacht in the captivating Halong Bay is definitely worth well the money, and you’ll surely be happy that you did it.

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